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5:47 minute video from my Facebook Page. Sign up to connect with me via Facebook at

This movie is made up of pics and video my husband and I took in our Bellevue neighborhood during and after the flood. Please excuse my saying, "OMG" in one of the videos. I didn't edit it out because it is real. This is a sad situation. The waters were above the 500 year flood plain. Some say it was at 1000 year levels. Whatever, it took us all by surprise. Flood victims need support.

Michael and I are fine but our neighbors are not. Many have no insurance & lost everything. Bellevue was hard-hit - 4 flood-related deaths in Bellevue alone. I decided to make a movie for some personal therapy & to let people know how to help.

An aerial picture of our neighborhood showing the streets right next to ours.

Volunteer to help

I think if you know an uninsured flood victim you should consider donating cash or goods to them directly. Many of my neighbors may have to foreclose on their homes to survive. I tried to help a neighbor get $250 from the Red Cross that was being distributed to victims. When the Red Cross finally contacted me they told me they didn't have money any more.

If you donate to an organization I'd suggest the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Donate online at

or text "FLOOD" to 501501 to donate $10 to flood relief at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee AND confirm your donation by replying with YES.

Donate by check, make your check out to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund or the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and mail to: The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, PO Box 440225, Nashville, TN 37244 Help reconnect pets

(I have personally been collecting a list of some of the Bellevue pets that are missing and found. About half have been reunited with their owners. Please contact me and I will send my list. 646-3220)

May 28, 2010 HAPPY UPDATE: This kitty was found 24 days after she was lost.

Hi Rachel, I just wanted to let you know that I FOUND ADA! Found her last night up in the woods by my house. You and you friend were right, she was scared and hiding! Thank you all so much for your care and concern. I just had to let you both know the good news! Sincerely, Libby

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